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Learn to dance in the rain

18 April
ॐ I am a South African living in the UK. I'm like any girl, but not like anyone. I no longer wish to be a slave to time, nor money. (The two most elusive conquests anyone will ever undertake with the exception of his/her search for a mating of the soul.)

Generally speaking I'm an easy going, kind hearted, genuine, and caring person, with a softness for those in need. I have a great respect for others who have lived through any hardship, whether it was caused by others or a self induced pain. Scars on the soul heal slowly.

I am a believer and follower of Buddhism, and as such I try to practice kindness and compassion in my life as much as possible. I am open-minded, honest, out-spoken, happy and always ready to defend the underdog. I have a deep-seated dislike of insincerity and do not suffer fools gladly. Ignorance makes me very angry - this includes racism, sexism, cruelty, prejudices of any kind and inequality. I cannot tolerate wilful ignorance!!

I consider myself to be a creative individual, passionate and determined. I love animals, especially dogs (including the wild kind such as wolves etc).

I was finally reunited with my beloved dog Maximus after a six-month quarantine ordeal from hell and will never be separated from him again. He is my furry companion and partner in crime, and almost as willful and determined as I am! LOL.

PS - I do have a wild side, which people generally discover upon getting to know me a little better :) ॐ